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  1.      Introduction 2.      Requirements 3.      Start, How to 4.      Settings 5.      License 6.      Frequently asked questions Don't hesitate to ask any question on our support forum : FPse support forum INTRODUCTION FPse team is composed of two developers, LDChen and Schtruck. FPse for Android is a program designed to run PlayStation One games on devices running Android Operating System 2.1 to 4.x and up. FPse for arm is a project which started in 2001, ported from the PC version, FPSE made by LDchen. FPse For Android contains many features included : 7         Real-time save/load state 7         Force Feedback emulation (vibration) 7         True overlay pad widgets that emulate Digital Pads as well as Analog Pads 7         An many more, just read below REQUIREMENTS a) Any Android device running Android 2.1 to 4.x and up. b) A bios files named scph1001.bin is recommended the get the best experience.   (Not distributed with FPse For Android for copyright reasons). c) Game disks into files format. Supported image file formats: .iso, .bin, .nrg, .img,.mdf,.pbp,.bz, .Z. To create an image disk file, you must own the original PSX disc. Using the free program IMGBURN on your PC, rip the contents of the disk to generate a compatible image file in .bin and .cue file. There is a program called PocketISO, available in download section of the FPse For Android site. This program can be used to compress the image file for optimum support on FPse For Android, as well as ripping some media files  (not recommended to keep high level of compatibility). START, HOW TO Simply run FPse for Android. Use Menu shortcut. A menu will propose you many actions. You can start first with loading bios file, the recommended file is named 'scph1001.bin'. It's recommended to load bios file to get high compatibility and to be able to use internal savestates. Once bios is loaded you can Load your PSone disk image file, just select "Load Game" and browse to find and select your disk image file. The game will start. Depending on which device you have but if you aren't sure where are CD image files, just go to root then enter into /mnt to locate your storage path, some devices have external storage in /mnt/extSDcard. From the First menu you can enter into SETTINGS menu to select default options that will be applied to all games loaded after changes. Just keep in mind that once a game is loaded , many options are specific for this games, and if you want to apply default configuration later you'll need to go to MISC menu and load default config. When a Game is loaded the Menu can be accessed by pressing Menu button on Android 2.3 and older devices, and on Back button on Android 3.0 and newer. Menu available when a game is loaded is a bit different, it will let you to load and save quickly the game and access the Cheats menu.  Here is details of SETTINGS menu. SETTINGS This menu appear with 6 sections, here are details. 1.      SYSTEM - Force mono core: Select this option if your device has Multi core and if you prefer to have smoother animation   (available only in old software drawing mode) - Boost mode: in bios mode, you can enable it to get boost, but emulation can be broken with this option enabled . - Autosave: Option to autosave a game when quittng and autoload when reloading it.   (Be carrefull when you change options, unset this option first) - Dynamic interpreter: In recompiler mode some games may be incompatible, using this option can make the game running, but slower.   (restart FPse after changing this option) - Fastboot: when you have set BIOS, this option can bypass the Bios animation to start game faster. 2.      AUDIO - Null sound plugin: disable sound emulation to get boost. (Restart to apply change) - Spu Sync: Better sound emulation, and necessary for many games but use much more CPU bandwidth.   (does not work with Null plugin set) - Reverb effects: when spusync is on , emulate reverb effects. - Pitch effects: when spusync is on , emulate Pitch effects can cause problems with some games. - Mute: just force volume to 0, let background music playing. - Reduce latency: Force sound latency to lower value,to get far better sound, check MISC menu and Audio latency level too. 3.      VIDEO  With internal Software GPU plugin: - Framelimiter: Uncheck this option to get max emulation speed. - Frameskip: Select frameskip if you need more speed , select it if you have sound stuttering too. - Print FPS: Show fps counter on screen. - Special Screen size: Activate screen size set from MISC menu. - Screen filtering: apply Bilinear screen filtering, very slow, available only when fastdraw is set. - Brightness boost: add more brightness for 3D scenes. - Force landscape orientation: lock orientation to landscape. - Invert colors: Fix for some games that have Mdec decoding colors inverted. - Enhanced 3D rendering: Apply enhanced calculation for Polygons, fixes somes glitches. - Hardware acceleration: Apply after restart 2D acceleration available on somes device running on ICS.   Available in Old software drawing mode  With external OpenGL GPU plugin: - Framelimiter: Uncheck this option to get max emulation speed .. - Frameskip: Select frameskip if you need more speed , or if you have sound stuttering. - Print FPS: Show fps counter on screen. - Force Landscape Orientation: lock orientation to landscape. - Adjust framebuffer access: This option can enhance video emulation for some games or fix some glitches - Special upload detection: This option can enhance video emulation for some games or fix some glitches - OffScreendrawing: This option can enhance video emulation for some game or fix some glitches - Advanced blending: This option can enhance video emulation for some games or fix some glitches - Alpha Multipass: This option can enhance video emulation for some games or fix some glitches - Mask bit: This options will fix the Silent Hill white halo, a restart is necessary to apply change - 32 bits rendering: Can enhance rendering on some device, a restart is necessary to apply change - Anti-Aliasing: Apply Full scene Anti Aliasing if  supported by GPU, a restart is necessary to apply change - Texture filtering:  Enhance rendering of  textures - Old frameskip:  Use old frameskip method, can help sometimes - Frame texture:  Can enhance emulation on some games - Special frame limiter:  Another frame limiter mode, which can fix some FPS problem encountered with internal Framelimiter - Busy Fix:  Necessary for some games, to avoid freeze or black screens.. 4.      GAMEPAD - Gamepad type: choose between Digital pad, Analog pad and guncon.    Guncon Button A and B are mapped to the topleft and bottomleft corner of the screen, they are invisible, those buttons can be mapped to Hw buttons L3 and R3. - External Gamepad: menu to configure USB or Bluetooth gamepad.    - Gamepad port 1: Access menu for external Gamepad 1.         - Disabled: no external Gamepad 1         - Bgp100: Bgp100 will be used as Gamepad1.         - Icontrolpad: Icontrolpad will be used to Gamepad         - Others: Any Other external gamepad will be used to Gamepad 1    - Gamepad port 2: Access menu for external Gamepad 1.         - Disabled: no external Gamepad 2         - Bgp100: Bgp100 will be used as Gamepad 2.         - Icontrolpad: Icontrolpad will be used to Gamepad 2         - Others: Any Other external gamepad will be used to Gamepad 2 - Overlay pad: access the overlay pad menu.    - Gamepad port select: .         - Pad 1: Overlay gamepad will emulated the gamepad 1         - Pad 2: Overlay gamepad will emulated the gamepad 2    - Gamepad skin: change the skin for the overlay gamepad .         - Disabled: disable overlay pad         - Default: Set default overlay pad skin.         - External: Load new overlay pad ( some are available on Official Forum into Artist Section)    - Enable / Disable buttons:         Enable or Disable any overlays button drawing  for Landscape Orientation.    - Pad transparency:         - High transparency:  gamepad overlay is very transparent         - Medium transparency: gamepad overlay is transparent         - Low transparency: gamepad overlay is slightly transparent         - Disabled: gamepad overlay is not transparent    - Vibration:         - High vibration: buttons overlay vibration set to high         - Medium vibration: buttons overlay vibration set to medium         - Low vibration: buttons overlay vibration set to low         - Disabled: buttons overlay vibration disabled     - Pad size:         Change the size for Overlay buttons.     - Repositionning:         Move any Overlay buttons by simple drag and slide it to the position you want, once finished press Back to exit the Pad size mode. - Buttons mapping: Assign hardware buttons to PSone gamepads buttons.    - Assign Hw keys for pad 1: assign hardware button to Gamepad 1 buttons  (in Guncon mode, assign L3 to A button and R3 to B button)    - Assign Hw keys for pad 2: assign hardware button to Gamepad 2 buttons - Multi touch: Assign one hardware button to many PSone Gamepads buttons. - Forcefeedback: Emulate PSone pad vibration.         - Disabled: disable Forcefeedback emulation         - Low: Set forcefeedback emulation to low         - Medium: Set forcefeedback emulation to medium         - High:  Set forcefeedback emulation to high 5.      CHEATS - Select cheat file: load the file containing cheats line for your game.    Cheat file must have a .txt extension and here is how it should look like:        #Time locked#        800527A6 1440        #Unlimited lives#        D0031234 8080        80001234 0000        As you can see you need to put the title of the cheat between two '#'        once file is loaded, cheats will appear into the menu 'Set or Unset cheat code' - Enable / disable cheat codes: let you activate the cheat code you need - Apply frequency: let you choose how many times per frame you want to apply cheat codes activated in previous menu,   by default it's just one time and no more. Cheats work only when Bios is set! 6.      MISC - Select Savestates Path: select a Path for savestates instead of internal path, press return key once you are in the wanted directory. - Select Memory Card 1: select any other memory card instead of internal Memory card 1 - Select Memory Card 2: select any other memory card instead of internal Memory card 2 - Save config as default: save the current config for future new iso loaded. - Apply default config: load the default config file to current game. - Backup all files: save all configs files, internal memcards and internals savestates to sdcard into /sdcard/fpsebackup - Restore all files: load all configs files, internal memcards and internals savestates from /sdcard/fpsebackup - Switch to OpenGL:download automatically or load manually tthe OpenGL plugin then switch FPse to use This plugin to render the   Playstation GPU gfx's. - Load bios: Load bios file, if you press Back at the Bios file loader, you'll switch to HLE mode after a restart. - Framelimiter level: Force Frame limiter to known FPS values. - Switch low profile: Let you switch off/on the low profile for the Action Bar on the bottom of the screen with devices >= Android 3.0 - Special screen size: Let you select screen size in Software GPU mode - Create shortcut: Let you select create shortcut to homescreen from FPse icon or any .gif, .png or .jpg image. - Reset settings: Reset all settings to default, but keep all saves datas and memcards. - Drawing thread priority: Let you tune the drawing thread priority, on some devices , especially multi core devices,   emulation can be a lot faster and smoother by choosing a specific value. - Old software drawing: Let you tune switch to old drawing mode which can be largely faster on some devices,   because of the Special Multi core options from System menu but is less compatible and can cause freeze problem on somes devices. - Audio latency level: If you selected Reduce audio latency, here you can tune it to get best rendering. LICENSE FPse use the License checking system from google, this mean you need to be connected to internet each time you install or update FPse, but only one time. If you have a License checking message and FPse enter into limited mode follow instructions below: - Check that your device is well set to your local TIME. - Check that your device is well set to the same google account you used to order FPse - Check that your account has well set Internet Sync from accounts settings menu. - If your device contain many account be sure to set the one you used to order FPse as the main account - Be sure to be connected to internet, try to connect to google to verify - Do not use any patcher over fpse - Try to uninstall and reinstall FPse. Contact author at schtruck@gmail.com if all above steps doesent help and FPse stays in limited mode. Frequently asked questions: Here is the frequently asked questions regarding differents situations: - FPse is slow on my device how can i make FPse faster? Enable Frameskipping from VIDEO menu, Switch to Old Drawing mode from MISC menu, Disable SPUSYNC from audio menu. - FPse is suddendly slow while it was very fast previously? Restart your device to Free fragmented memory, check if your device is not in ECO mode, to be sure get a tool like CPU Master from market to check in which mode is your processor. Check if Dynamic interpreter is no set. And last go to MISC menu then reset settings - FPse goes to Orange logo then memcards manager, no game start? If you used archived disk Image files, be sure to uncompress them using the tool Zarchiver from your device, DO NOT USE ANDROZIP, it brake big files while uncompressing them. Check the size of your file, if not 0 bytes, or > 650mbytes - How to access memcards manager? If you have well loaded Bios file from main menu, just press the new button called Boot Bios - I cannot see my game from FPse? If your game was compressed, just uncompress it using Zarchiver. Browse from the root directory of your device, then enter into /mnt and look for sdcard directory or extSDcard This documentation is for information purposes only and does not reflect all the possibilities of FPSE for Android. 2014 Schtruck & LDchen. 'Sony' and 'PlayStation' are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. 'Android' is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. FPse for android sound part run using SDL 1.2.