1280x720 / 1280x800 Phones - OpenGL almost un-usable

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1280x720 / 1280x800 Phones - OpenGL almost un-usable

Postby mirrinigma » Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:30 pm

I was wondering, would it be possible for there to eventually be an Output Resolution option? I find that on my Galaxy Nexus, games are unplayable with the OpenGL plugin because it's too heavy on the GPU. However, on my Samsung Fascinate (Original Galaxy S) which has the same GPU, the same games are smoothly playable because the resolution of the screen is 1280x720, and the output resolution ends up as 960x720 or 1184x720 (software buttons. ugh.)

While 800x480 as an output resolution (scaled) would be blockier than 960x720 or 1184x720, it would still be sharper than the base Playstation output resolution.

I know that this is probably an unreasonable request, but I just thought I would put it out there.

edit: I'm sorry, I should've put this in the feedback thread... I couldn't find it at first, because it's in the news forum and I was (using the search button!) looking through the general / device support forums.

A delete would be fine. Sorry again!

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