How to make your own gamepad SKIN

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How to make your own gamepad SKIN

Postby schtruck » Sun Jan 03, 2021 3:35 pm

Here is a small tutorial on how to make your own gamepad SKIN and load is manually from FPse64.

To load you gamepad skin, all file must be placed into a directory and FPse64 will search for the pad.ini file

you can load it from Settings / Gamepad / Onscreen gamepad / Model /Load from Sdcard

the default gamepad skin package can be found here:

FPse64 consider Button0 image as the Directional Cross and Button1 image as the four buttons Cross,Square,Triangle,Circle

Button0 to Button8 are displayed by default, the rest are Multibuttons

You have to respect this but button0 to 8 can be tuned because after all the most important is the raw file associated to each PNG file which is the mask to describe where to press and what PSone button it is.

Colors of the raw file is coded in RGB888 and color code is inside pad.ini in decimal

i use the tool to design .png and .bmp file which give us the color code in hexadecimal then convert in decimal and fill the pad.ini file

i save this file in .bmp 24bits then use the tool bmp2raw ( inside to convert the file in raw format
i provide my tool raw2bmp to convert FPse64 raw file to bmp to be able to edit them if necessary

For Example you want to have a simple Directional Cross with just 4 directions.

1) uncompress the file to a directory

2) drag and drop the file button0.raw onto raw2bmp.exe to create the bmp file of the original raw file , fill width and height in pixel of the associated png file

3) transform the original mask image



4) convert your saved 24bits bmp file using bmp2raw.exe (inside, just drag your bmp file and drop it to bmp2raw.exe

5) load the new gamepad skin from the gamepad FPse64 menu

6) Be proud!

Contact me at if you have more questions

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