Incomplete Controller Mapping?

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Incomplete Controller Mapping?

Postby eiseneuter » Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:33 pm

in many cases I want to map camera buttons (L1/R1 or L2/R2) to the Right Thumbstick (e.g. Spyro)
or completly remap everything (e.g. Forsaken), but the mapper doesnt seem to accept all entries - just doesnt take the input and keeps on waiting for input.
Example: it takes Right Thumbstick Left as L2 (still, in the game it doesnt work). But at the same time it wouldnt take Right Thumbstick Left as L1.
I tried with both Digital and Analog setting, but no luck with that.

How can i FREELY map the PSX buttons to whatever button or trigger i care on my Nvidia Shield Controller in FPSE?
Also it would be helpful, if mapped button descriptions (like "ThumbL" or "A") stand next to the entries.
Thanks so far!

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