[Q] Android Market on Kindle Fire and FPSE

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[Q] Android Market on Kindle Fire and FPSE

Postby Turgul » Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:56 am

Ok so here is my situation. I have a Kindle Fire that I have rooted and have installed the Android Marketplace. However, I do not want to install a custom ROM as I use Amazon services. This presents a problem for me. I want to support FPSE and buy the app from the Android Market, but it is flagged as not compatible for my Kindle Fire. I know the Fire is capable of running the app, because there are Youtube videos all over the internet of FSPE on a Kindle Fire.

I want to download the FPSE app from the Amazon Marketplace so that the money goes to the devs that helped develop it, but I don't want to run a custom Android Rom either. Is it possible to somehow change how the app is posted on the Amazon Marketplace so that those of us running the stock Kindle Fire rom can buy/download it? Or is there some way I can fool the android marketplace into thinking I have a compatible device without running a custom rom?

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